GIF credit goes to the amazingly brilliant and awesomely wonderful truckyousasha <3 recently become obsessed with the trinity mainly a rizzles shipper and swan queen. caskett,ncis, orphan black etc sasha alexander <3 Lana Parrilla <3 too many favourite actors and actresses to name



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So I've realized that, if you look at the original series TARDIS teams from season 11 on...


…there are a lot of parallels with the new series TARDIS teams. Check this out. You have:

Team Underappreciated 1


A more reserved, less eccentric Doctor that sometimes gets overshadowed by his more charismatic successor. One of the all time great companions but…


Any rizzoli and isles fan living in London who would be interested in a box full of goodies that I won in a contest a while back?

It includes, dvd, signed bookmark,blanket,mug,earrings,cap, blanket.




A TALE OF TWO SISTERS- crack!vid | Once upon a time

Holy shit! This is the best ever made, omg!

This is so funny!!!!! And accurate!